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Detection Analysis
Fire assay laboratory
Mobile Container Laboratory
Dust Pelletizing System
TML-B insertion tester
The TML-B penetrability tester is a special equipment for testing the suitable moisture limit, which fully meets the experimental requirements of the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Rules on the suitable moisture limit for easy fluidization ca
TML-D - Portuguese fan tester
The TML test equipment fully meets the requirements of the IMSBC Code for the TML test of fluidable cargo.Tml-d-glucan and Fan tester for fine and relatively coarse concentrates or similar substances with a maximum particle size of 5 mm.
Grinding machine accessories class
Laboratory protective clothing
Quartz gold bowl
Quartz gold melting bowl, also known as gold melting crucible, is made of selected fused quartz as the main raw material and processed by modern ceramic technology. It is mainly used for the melting of dental alloy, platinum, gold and other superalloy
Fire gold sample furnace
The furnace is suitable for the experiment and production in the fields of electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, glass, new material development and so on.
Mobile Container Laboratory
Desk rotary extension machine
The powder sample was injected in the way of uniform feeding free falling, and the shrinkage was carried out at a constant speed.
Standard vibrating screen
Sieve dry or wet solid bulk in strict accordance with relevant standard sample preparation requirements. It is suitable for the sample preparation of solid bulk materials in geology, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, scientific rese
Auxiliary tool
Graphite crucible
Graphite crucible is a refractory graphite crucible made of crystallized natural graphite as the main raw material, plastic refractory clay as the binder, and mixed with different types of clinker.
The fire crucible is applied to the analysis of metal samples and melting materials in the laboratory. The samples to be tested and the ingredients to be tested are put into the clay crucible, and then the clay crucible is put into the gold crucible f
Crucible mixer
Crucible mixer is mainly used to blend molten samples and flux in the process of fire assay, which is a necessary equipment for the laboratory of fire assay.
Plate ash dish is an advanced fire assay in foreign countries. Advanced gold testing institutions in Europe and the United States as well as precious metal testing institutions in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore and other places use the plate gray
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Chinese Market Continues to Flo
Chinas steadily growing economy over the past decade has been accompanied by sustained improvements in infrastructure to facilitate increased activity and trade across the country. The development of water-based transportation facilities, in particular, p
Dust Collection Project
In March 2020,Yosion won the bid: Dust collection project of coal and ore sample preparation room in the port. From scheme design, equipment production and on-site installation, Yosion group once again won the affirmation of customers with professional te
Robots Invade Perth Laboratorie
No, its not the latest Will Smith Hollywood blockbuster. In fact the only blocks being busted are rock samples being pulverised for mineral analysis. This and other unglamorous, repetitive and often hazardous tasks are now being done by industrial robots