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Sampling system of port mixed ore machinery
In order to ensure that the loading, unloading and production systems of Qinggang can obtain representative samples, provide reliable technical parameters and quality, and avoid the uncertainty of product inspection caused by sampling errors, sampling
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Equipment process flow, equipment performance (sample CV value, water loss rate), system deviation, system accuracy comply with ISO standards; On the system PLC dialog interface, ship name, time, input material type, weather, batch, sampling times and other information. If relevant parameters need to be adjusted, manual correction can be carried out; The equipment has compact structure, reasonable layout, good mechanical transmission performance, convenient physical layout for maintenance and inspection, and each equipment is equipped with a fixed safety maintenance platform to meet the customer's site safety requirements; All equipment is easy to operate, reliable and has few faults; The rational design of the system effectively prevents the contamination of samples and the loss of water and the change of chemical and physical properties of samples.

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