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Crucible mixer
Crucible mixer is mainly used to blend molten samples and flux in the process of fire assay, which is a necessary equipment for the laboratory of fire assay.
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5-25 samples can be mixed at the same time to save time and improve efficiency;The equipment is simple in structure, and the rotary sheet is driven directly by the deceleration motor, so that the materials can be rotated and turned back and forth to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing;Worm gear reducer is adopted, featuring fast speed and short mixing time;Equipped with safety door protection switch, opening the door by mistake will stop automatically to avoid personal injury;Equipped with human-machine interface to set the selection direction and rotation speed, making it more humanized;Used for various types of crucible such as YAC0355/YAC0430.Note: It is more efficient and convenient to operate with crucible forklift.

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