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Dust Collection Project

In March 2020,Yosion won the bid: Dust collection project of coal and ore sample preparation room in the port. From scheme design, equipment production and on-site installation, Yosion group once again won the affirmation of customers with professional technology, high-quality equipment and high-quality service.

1.Project Instruction

With the continuous development of industrial modernization, the number and types of samples tested in sample rooms and laboratories are becoming more and more diverse. For the environmental requirements of the sample preparation room are becoming more and more strict, Yosion has specially designed and developed a complete exhaust system .



· Large air volume: equipped with an integrated centrifugal fan, with high suction power, stable and safe operation;
· High filtration efficiency: the filter cartridge uses activated carbon material, which has high filtration efficiency for submicron particles;
· Small floor area: using pulse dust collector, compact structure, saving floor space;
· Easy to install: The filter cartridge adopts integrated design, good sealing, easy to install and replace。


3.Installation site